Scallywag barn dance and disco combo

If you want to round your barn dance off with a disco at the end of the evening, you need the Scallywag barn dance and disco combo. Scallywag will combine the two to help you with space and save you money.

We are happy to work with other discos but they present a number of challenges in an evening principally around ‘space’.

Usually the problem doesn’t materialise as, if you are running a dance for a village or a family birthday, you’ll want a ceilidh and won’t need the services of a DJ. Click here for our Running a Barn Dance page if you’re not having a disco.

Barn Dance and Disco combo features

  • Popular at Weddings and parties
  • Ideal for small venues that can’t accommodate 2 sets of speakers, desks, lights, etc
  • No ‘chaos’ in the middle of the evening when to band has to dismantle its gear mid-way through the evening
  • Will cost less than hiring a disco as well

Start with a barn dance for all the family to enjoy and then, later in the evening, switch seamlessly to a disco with no break or dismantling and setting up equipment.


Where you provide the music (iPod, tablet, laptop, etc)

  • £150 – Disco lights, fog and PA, etc (up to a maximum of 1½ hours)
  • If you need the PA and microphones for the reception/speeches please ask me for a quote

How the Barn Dance and Disco combo works

Setup – you decide which end of the room you want the band/disco and we set up early to avoid disruption. Get the best man to make contact with us when he arrives to test the iPod through our system.

First Dance – this can be a barn dance or the track of your choice through an iPod, phone or any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack. Laptop with USB is always the best quality.

Barn dance – this starts the evening at 7:30ish through to 10 – 11 o’clock. The other musicians then melt away and the disco starts with the smallest of gaps.

Disco – Your music through our sound system up until 1:00 AM. We carry a lighting rig with fog and scanners, etc. to change the mood from barn dance to disco. Your device can be a phone, mp3 player or laptop (make sure you bring the charger).

Please note that the disco costs are in addition to the barn dance as that involves the hire of musicians, etc.

Here are 2 clips of the Disco to give you a flavour of what we can add to your evening

Watch the disco lightshow in our soundcheck
Watch a short clip of the light show in action