MacMillan Cancer Support Ceilidh

MacMillan Cancer Trust Ceilidh

We recently did a dance for a friend whose son was running in the London Marathon. My daughter caught these moments on a small camera so please excuse the quality. and the overall ‘Cloverfield’ effect.

Learning the first dance

This is the first dance at a charity Ceilidh we did for Macmillan Cancer Support in April 2013. If you’re ever worried about putting on a dance for non-dancers, this group were non-dancers and this is their first dance.

The layout of the room

Please note that the tables and chairs are at the sides and are not the most important things in the room. The dance floor is about the size of a Badminton court and the food hatch/bar is in the same room so no one can hide.

Three couple longways dance

Here our beginners are learning a three couple dance called ‘Leaving Liverpool’ where the middle couple do a lot of the work and then you change places so that another couple are middles.

Remember that this is the first time many of these people have barn danced let alone done this dance.

The choice of tunes is important as it helps the dancers feel the musical phrases and know when to change direction.

Theses tunes are ‘The Pantaloon Quadrille’ and ‘The Plough and the Stars’ although they tend to have other names as is the the way with folk tunes.

Leaving Liverpool – the finished article

Here’s a snippet of the dance being danced (by non-dancers) after a couple of times through.

The tune is The Seven Stars. At this point in their very first dance they are now not receiving any instruction from me and are quite happy dancing around under their own steam with very few dodgy moments.

And they are all really enjoying it!

Here is a link to another clip on YouTube of the same dancers learning a circle dance. Just click on the link to be transported to the netherworld that is YouTube,

Circle Dance