Barn dance food

Whether your event is in a hotel, a village hall or a barn you should consider the following when think about barn dance food:-

  • When is food being served?
  • How much food are you having?
  • Will the room have to be reset before and after the food?
  • How much time will the eating take?
  • Will you spend all evening setting and clearing food rather than enjoying the dance?
  • Will people be able to get up and dance after they have demolished three courses and cake?
  • What does the the hall’s rules say about food, drink and alcohol on the premises?

Sit-down meals

If you are putting on a meal with some background folk music and folk dancing after for entertainment that’s fine but you might want to be aware of these issues when you are planning your evening.

We have done a few ‘sit-down’ meals. People knew they were going to get a ‘proper’ meal and behaved as if they were going out to dinner rather than coming to a Ceilidh (including ‘Killer Heels’).

They stood around with their drinks talking or reserved their seats at the tables by sitting in them, never to get up for fear of losing them.

They arrived at 7:30 and ate at 8:30 – they didn’t want to eat any later as they hadn’t had any tea because they were going out to eat and then they were so stuffed they never got up to dance.

Keep it simple

American suppers are always a good option.

Seats are always best at the back when thinking about barn dance food
If you have room for tables, put them at the back. Try to make sure that they run lengthways so that people can easily get in and out. This way they are less likely to barricade themselves in.

Everyone brings a plate or two of ‘Finger Buffet’ food and they put it on a communal table. Barn dance food not feeding the 5,000 though.

They bring their own drinks so you don’t have to staff a bar.

You supply 100 paper plates, 100 plastic forks, 100 plastic beakers and a roll of black bin bags to dispose of everything afterwards.

How difficult can it be?

Remember, the more barn dance food you organise, the longer it will take to eat and the longer it will take to clear away and the less dancing everyone does.

For more about running a barn dance on a tight budget, have a look at our Charities page where there are hints and tips on keeping costs to a minimum.