Booking your barn dance

Booking your barn dance with Scallywag is easy. At this stage I will need to find out if all of the members of the band are free and then work out a quote for the evening.

When booking your barn dance make sure you let me know if you are running your dance as a fundraiser.

I will then email you to confirm that I have received this, confirm the price and to discuss your requirements in more detail. I will also then let you have my phone number to contact me if you need to chat through anything before you let us have the deposit.

Charity and fund-raiser barn dances

We are often able to work with Charities to reduce the cost of the band and also to offer valuable advice on running your charity dance for at a profit. Charities

Please note that we do not do PTA or childrens dances. In our years of experience, people buy tickets to help the school fund, turn up with absolutely no intention of dancing, wait at the bar for the raffle and then go home having left the children unaccompanied all evening to run amok. Sounds harsh but we have done far too many.

If your charity is for children in any way, run the dance for adults. They will enjoy it more, it will be more successful and hopefully profitable (see our charities page) and you stand a chance of doing another one